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Referral program

Developing our business, we are grateful to all, who want to be our partner. Many our clients were ready to help us with promotion trivelofunds.com to be rewarded and popularize our investment proposal. So in case you decided to join our team of supporters all you have to do is to find personal referral link in bottom of your account on the website. Use this link when attracting new investors to the project. It can be your friends, acquaintances, colleagues, people on forums, the audience of your blog on Social networks, etc. Our referral program has 7 levels. That is, each person who signs up for your referral link becomes your referral. After making an investment in any of the plans, you will receive a referral commission of the 1st level, which is 50% (below you can see the commissions for each of the levels). In turn, your referral can invite a new referral to him on the 1st line, which will be written to him on the 1st line, and to you on the 2nd and so on, with a limit of 7 levels. The commission is also paid from the reinvestment of your referrals. You can withdraw the referral commission immediately after crediting the commission to your account balance or use this amount for investment. By the way, this offer gives you the opportunity to earn money without investing. We provide advertising banners for our partners use, this will allow you to place it on any place in Internet (for example, on forum or in your blog) to attract new investors to your referral system. We offer you 7 banners with different sizes, you can find it in your personal account by clicking on the "Your account" tab, then on the "For promotion" button.

Levels of
Referral Program
Levels Referral commission
Level 1 44%
Level 2 1%
Level 3 1%
Level 4 1%
Level 5 1%
Level 6 1%
Level 7 1%
Become an Affiliate

The peculiarity of our affiliate program is 7 levels of the referral system. In order to become our partner, you do not need to invest money. You will receive commissions from investments and reinvestments of referrals on the account balance, after which you can immediately withdraw them or invest in your chosen plan. The peculiarity of the affiliate program is also that you can earn on investment plans without making direct contributions of funds to the trivelofunds.com platform, investing the funds that you received from the referral commission.

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