Investment Company Trivelofunds

Trivelofunds Company works on the result. We are interested in your earning profits, so our work in the field of finance and investment is done with maximum care.

Being the dominant part of the stock market, the modern share market allows increasing significantly the financial well-being of its members. This is a place where buyers and sellers conduct equity securities exchange, which assign the right of the company property management to the holder and the right of a share of its profits as dividends.

In order to earn the maximum benefit from the financial transactions in the stock market and significantly minimize the risks, you need to use the services of an experienced investment company.

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Our investment philosophy

Our philosophy is that stock focused portfolios, driven by fundamental research, are the best way to exploit market inefficiencies and generate consistent outperformance. We believe that dividends are an important feature of wealth creation.

In addition, as global equity income investors we believe that:

A global income portfolio offers more choice than a country specific income portfolio and avoids the risk of income concentration.

All the stocks in our portfolio should exhibit a combination of attractive dividend yield and dividend growth.